Law Offices of Dr Bill LaTour – Lawyer in Adelanto, CA

My brother Scott Boyd and myself retained Bill LaTour's office to help us with his claim for Social Security / Disability.For the last 2 to 3 weeks we have made several attempts to contact the office leaving several (up to 7) messages without ever receiving a return call.He received his 2nd denial and we had a deadline to schedule a court hearing. Not hearing from their office we spent a day at the social security office to schedule a court hearing on our own.I called today (6/6/14) and I get the run around. Each time I have called in the past we are told a NEW case worker is handling our claim. But we never hear from them. NEVER got updates. Today I'm speaking to Sandra and she said she just took over Scott's case and filed another appeal. When I corrected her, that it was not another appeal it was to see a judge she seemed clueless and said oh yeah I did that yesterday. Then I told her we did it a week ago. I wanted to speak to someone who knew more of what was going on and why it was so difficult to get a return phone call. I explained if we retained your office you people work for us and I want accountability.She was transferring me to her supervisor and I get disconnected. She basically hung up on me. I call back two more times and I'm transferred to a voice mail first one that is full, 2nd to another which I left a message.Why is it so hard to work with your staff?The commercials are misleading and a misrepresentation of what they claim they do. They never came to us and have not helped or worked with us at all.This office is a scam!

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