Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Aptos, CA

I have had nothing but problems withStamps.comsince I signed up in February, when I was wholesaling through another company, andStamps.comwas my only option to print shipping labels.Nevermind the multiple problems I had with them over the last few months, I tried canceling today as I am no longer wholesaling with that third-party company, so I no longer neededStamps.comfor shipping….I was charged late last night for the monthly fee, I did not cancel in time. I called today to cancel, the man was very kind. He told me, exactly this: That they would BILL ME for my remaining monthly fee amount ($15.99), and subtract what postage amount I had leftover in my account currently. (Which is $8.24) So, the money I paid for postage would go towards the $15.99, and I would not be charged via credit card, but I would be mailed a bill. Perfect.I get off the phone with this person, and not a second later I get a notice via email that they have charged me $31.98!!!! For what!??!So I call back, get the same man, he puts me on hold. Of course, my service cuts out and we're disconnected. So I call back, get an obnoxious lady who tells me she can't connect me to the previous person I spoke with, then tells me "We'll send you a check in 4-6 weeks for your postage amount left over, and you were "refunded" for the extra $15.99." Seriously? When I told her the previous person said they would BILL ME for it, she said they don't do that, and she doesn't know why he told me they do.So I'll wait a month plus to get my $8.24, and they've charged me DOUBLE. I BETTER see that refund or we are going to have problems. I will NEVER use this service, or recommend them to ANYONE.ADD: More frustrations with this company:1. You can only purchase a MINIMUM of $10 in shipping which is RIDICULOUS. There were times I only needed $1.93 to ship first class, and I had to pay $10 for it. (Which is why I had a remainder of $8.24 as stated above) A total rip off.2. You can't cancel online. I do not get great cell service here, so I do not make phone calls from home. (See above: call getting cut off)3. Many times, I could not get the labels to print. They don't give you the opportunity to try again, they CHARGE YOU EACH TIME. I have multiple charges for a few labels. Maddening. PayPal at least gives you a couple of tries to re-print.4. Also, I don't have to pay a MONTHLY FEE with PayPal to print labels! (And unfortunately,USPS.comdoes not allow you to ship First Class online.)

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