Law Offices of Gihan Thomas – Lawyer in Atascadero, CA

Extremely poor handling of a simple situation. I made an appointment for a consultation with this office and was quoted a charge of 150$. Showed up 15 minutes early and in the waiting room an associate comes up and says are you aware that there is a charge of 150$ for a consultation? I said yes and pulled out my credit card.. oh no we don't take credit.. only cash or check (its 2013! Have u heard of square?) Anyways I said my check book was in the car which was parked 10 mins away so the Attorney Gihan at that moment came and said.. I charge 150$ for consultations.. I replied that's fine.. I don't know why that was an issue for them to keep reminding me about it.. I told her your staff failed to tell me on the phone before I drove an hour and half here that you don't take cash or credit.. well you can get your check book but Ill have to prep someone else so you'll have to wait 45 minutes! Extremely disrespectful office to start with.. extremely low knowledge of resolving simple problems like this.. SO MUCH for trust relationship between client an attorney! Anyways.. worst case scenario they could have said oh let me hold on to your credit card or Id after your consultation or maybe even phone since they seemed to only care about the money and nothing else.. till you grab your checkbook after your consultation so you don't have to wait extra and maybe get back to work that's an hour and half away.. but No.. shouts loudly to everyone in the office with other clientele around to hear.. YOU NEED TO TELL THEM THAT THE CONSULTATION IS 150$ AND WE DON'T ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.. CASH OR CHECK ONLY!! HUMILIATING EXPERIENCE! Im glad that this person and office will never represent me or anyone I know in any case 🙂

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