Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Ballston Spa, NY

Usedstamps.comfor a number of years for my business. Volume started to increase, and that is where I ran into limitations/problems with stamps.Main issues:- Software wasn't always stable, slow. Shipstation (which I use now) requires only a web browser and it is lightning fast- Software integration with ecommerce platforms is murky. I use magento (which is a pretty huge open source platform) and their 'plugin' requires special scripts that no other magento vendor requires. Turns out they don't even make the script (it's outsourced) and don't support it. Shipstation is certified to work with my platform and is supported- Don't like the way re-prints are handled. With shipstation – it creates a PDF that allows you to print all/some of the labels as many times as you want. There have been instances when thestamps.comsoftware said it printed, but nothing hit my printer, and I was unable to reprint. What results is a lot of 'refund' requests. I had to cancel postage once with shipstation.- Shipstation uses multiple vendors for postage, and automatically will choose the vendor with the lowest price. If you ship thousands of packages, even a 75 cent difference adds up.- International shipping, automatically fills out the customs forms- Did I say better ecommerce integration? I an easily create manual orders and it will tap into database of customers automatically.Stamps.comis ideal for someone that does very light duty shipping and needs some plug ins for amazon,ebay, etc. For the most basic shipping, USPS has free software that does the same thing. Howeverstamps.comis outdated software and if you are using for business with high volume – it is not ideal.Finally, when I cancelled they just didn't cancel, they said use some of the rebate coupons (which require additional months of service. I also had a balance – which I wanted back. The rep initially gave me some crazy time – like 6 months or a year to get my money back. I said BS I want it back now. Close the freakin' account.It seemsstamps.comhas major issues communicating their monthly fee – if they just say ' i agree to pay x a month' when you install the software it would get rid of a lot of complaints. Also, let the user cancel from within the software instead of having them call. It puts a bad taste in peoples mouth.

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