Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Boston, MA

I've usedStamps.comfor over a year. The software is never supported on any technology (use a Mac? Forget about it. Want to use Chrome? Out of luck. Other browsers seem to be sporadically supported) The website regularly crashes, fails to load, and is horrible from a user experience perspective.I used their customer service once — it took me about a week to get my problem resolved (it turns out they were incompatible with a Flash update and I had to remove the update) Seriously, there is no reason the software and the website should be this awful, considering the service they provide, and the functionality that the software needs to have.The only reason I use them is because there is zero alternative. Avoid it at all costs.Edit: It seems that they've added a response, admitting that they STILL aren't compatible with Chrome but are working on it (yeah right… after three months?) and giving me the oh-so-helpful tech-support line, which I mentioned in my review was awful, and I had already called. What's compatible with a Mac? The slowest (it often refuses to load), most poorly-designed, featureless (compared to their supposed software version which is only compatible with PCs — I've never used it) website I've seen in a long time. Thanks, Divya/Eric (their PR person couldn't get their own Yelp account?)

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