The Law Offices of Larry H Parker – Lawyer in Carson, CA

Do not hire the Law Office of Larry H Parker in Long Beach, CA under any circumstances. My case was finally settled a few weeks ago and I am not satisfied with this law firm because they did not "fight for me" as advertised. The entire time I felt like a number and not like a valued client. It is hard to believe that this law firm has been in business for over 35 years because they do not value their clients and they surely do not treat them with respect.Initially, I dealt with a paralegal named Imelda Hernandez. She has the worst customer service skills and the worst follow up skills of anyone I have ever dealt with. Her only job was to collect all my supporting documents for my case (medical bills, body shop estimate, police report, etc). Trying to get a return call from Imelda took an act of God. I always had to go over her head to get a call back from her until I decided that I was no longer going to deal with her. Imelda set the tone for what would be a horrible experience dealing with a professional law firm.Once all my documents were received, my case was then transferred to negotiator Stacy Bass. She was terrible also. Every time I called her I felt like it was the first time I was speaking to her. Every time! She is a terrible negotiator. All she did was bad mouth the insurance company. I got so sick and tired of her bad mouthing the insurance company that I finally had to tell her that her law firm sucked too. It was easy for her to bad mouth the insurance company, but her law firm was just as bad! Anyway, she couldn't get the insurance company to pay me the amount she demanded so she threatened the insurance company with a law suit.From there, my case was transferred to Attorney Dan Brown. Dan took the easy way out. He called me within a couple of days of receiving my file and told me that he did not think it was a good idea to file a law suit because I did not have any broken bones. Never mind that I had a herniated disk in my lower spine. That was not good enough to go to trial. The damage to my car was over $5k, I went to the Doctor multiple times, I went to physical therapy multiple times, I was prescribed pain medication a couple of times, but he did not want to take my case to trial. He did not even try! I could not believe it. I was drawn in to this law firm because I felt the passion in Larry H Parker's voice "We'll fight for you!" I wish his employees shared Mr. Parker's passion. It all makes sense now. The reason they advertise a 91% success rate on their website is because they cherry pick which cases they take to trial.I ended up with almost the exact same amount of money that the insurance company offered me before I decided to get an attorney. The difference is I had to wait an extra year to get my money because I made the mistake of hiring the Law Office of Larry H Parker. Huge mistake!

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