Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

This site isn't *quite* a full-on scam, because they do actually provide a service, but boy do they have a bag of tricks at their disposal. There is a monthly service fee of $16, which is crazy unless you are a small business doing tons of mailing. Absolute rip-off for personal use unless you live 100 miles from the nearest post office. And this monthly fee is buried amid a wall of text, not clearly disclosed when you sign up. When you buy postage, there is a minimum order of $10. Any credit balance you have when you close your account is wasted. They do not let you use it or give you a refund when you close your account.Speaking of closing the account, good luck figuring that out. I spent 10 minutes rooting around on their website and could not find an option to cancel the service. Finally, I googled it and found out that you have to call an 800 number to cancel! What kind of web-based service requires that? Obviously, it is set up as a barrier to cancellation, which is punctuated by the fact that the 800 number is no 24/7. They really go to great lengths to make it difficult to cancel.I was excited to find out about and use Stamps, but it has turned out to be a gigantic letdown. If it is meant for small business use, they should advertise it as such. Every podcast I listen to has ads for this site, and they always make it sound like it's this hunky-dory option for personal use. As shady as this company is, I wouldn't be surprised if they sold my email address, telephone number, and mailing address.

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