Law Offices of Sergio Siderman – Lawyer in Chicago, IL

Very disappointed with the quality of service from Sergio and his firm. Staff are unprofessional and extremely rude. My mother had a very unpleasant experience with one of the paralegals named Alex. He was rude and threatened to call the police on her. If you work with a vulnerable population, ESPECIALLY undocumented people you should NEVER threaten to call the police. My mother has never felt so offended and I'm very disappointed to know that up until today nothing has been done about this incident and my mother hasn't even received an apology. Staff need to work on their manners and on their quality of work. It's ridiculous that it's been over a year and things are barely starting to get done for my mother's case. Definitely do not recommend this law firm.P.S.I'm pretty sure that this Alex below who just so happens to write an excellent review to this law firm two days after the incident happened with my mother, is the same Alex who was involved in this incident! Don't believe these fake ass good reviews.. Staff= VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

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