Fix-A-Ticket – Lawyer in Coppell, TX

I don't want to even give these people 1 star just to be clear. All I have done by hiring these people is open a massive can of worms that I wish I never opened. When I talked to Jason I told him about my speeding ticket on my way out of Cali and he gave me percentages that were so high o success, how could I say no? So I payed him 1000$ to appear in court for me since I moved to Texas. They said they would contact me 2 business days after the court date to tell me what happened and I had to call them after 4. They told me the move the court date a month ahead. So time passes by and it's 5 days after the new court date and once again I have to call them…. To hear not so wonderful news. Saying they weren't able to do anything for me, and It honestly felt like the girl who answered the phone enjoyed telling me this. Now they tell me what they were able to do which is they set me up a payment plan which I'm sure the court will offer to anyone so they can get their money and the didn't suspend my license. I completely feel like I could have done a better job in my case than this "lawyer". He never called me before the case to go over anything, or give me a game plan or what he will do. And when the cop shows up to court you would think the lawyer would know the cop will have evidence and should immediately play damage control not try to get everything just dropped…. If he had gone over things with me I would have said plead guilty as soon as you see the cop and get some mercy. As I have before in my one other court appearance, cause it works. So now the after math… I get a letter from them telling me everything and my payments and the date, on July 11th. The payment was scheduled to start July 2nd, something's off there… So after many attempts to have Jason call me back he finally calls because they must have figured I wouldn't stop calling them. He promised me that it must be a typo and he would have the secretary call the court and get everything figured out and call/mail me the info, and since I finally talked to Jason I had some faith that they cared. Now it's 2 weeks later with no word from them and I just got a letter from the court about appearing in court to tell them why I'm failing to pay… And I have less than 20 days to send them a check for the full amount or they will add on 300$ and suspend my Cali license.So if you read this please do not pay these people a dime for your own good. You are better off going to court yourself. These people don't care about you, they care about your money and as soon as they get you to sign and pay. They don't have to care about winning your case.

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