Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L Berman – Lawyer in Corpus Christi, TX

Find another lawyer! I hired these lawyers on my sister's behalf to deal with her DUI situation. Everything seemed good in the beginning. They were so attentive and eager to help. I was relieved to find good support for my sister. Then I get a call one day from them asking me for more money and saying that they can't continue the case without it. I was able to negotiate the additional amount down and paid it to keep their services. Man what a mistake that was! Come to find out a year later, no charges were ever pressed against my sister and her case was dropped completely. When we asked for our retainer money back we get this invoice that nickels and dimes us for all these supposed activities on a case that never even happened. It's a complete scam job to take all our money and from the reviews in their LA location, it looks like we aren't the only ones. Goodbye $4K. Goodbye crappy, lawyers. Do yourself a huge favor and find a different lawyer!

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