James Joseph Brown III – Lawyer in Danbury, CT

Stay away from this Lawyer if you want an honest lawyer who will win your case for you.I had 1 meeting with Jim and realized in seconds this guy is full of himself as well as full of s@#$. I decided to do a little fact finding on him before handing him a retainer of any kind. Turns out he has been in jail for beating 2 of his 4 ex wives. He has 6 children he is delinquent on child support for. More importantly he has not won too many cases and is an alcoholic and drug user. Maybe on the wagon but has a very cavalier attitude about drugs. Also, he was fired from a big law firm (Masry & Vittitoe) for sexual harassment of a legal clerk.There are so many honest and winning law firms out there. This guy is a loud mouth, lying loser. Save your money & time & look elsewhere.

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