Stamps.Com – Lawyer in East Mansfield, MA

Stamps.comis OK for the average small scale eBay/Amazon/E-Commerce shipper looking for an easy and fairly intuitive way to manage their orders. It has support for almost any cart and offers the same industry standardized pricing on postage as everyone elseFirst,Stamps.comcustomer service is actually pretty good. If you have any problems with configuring your software, you can definitely give them a call and they will be more than happy to help you troubleshoot it over the phone. Unfortunately,Stamps.comalso engages in what I consider to be an extremely scummy business practice which requires the customer to call in and speak to an agent whenever they wish to cancel their subscription. Sure, they'll gladly take your subscription over the internet and bill you for it. But the minute you want to cancel, you're required to call in and sit through some poor sap in the customer retention department read off some script trying to convince you to stay. This is a VERY scummy business practice and even illegal in some states. If you can subscribe online, you should be able to cancel online.Second, theStamps.comsoftware is complete trash when it comes to scaling. It can comfortably handle 50~ orders/day but beyond that you will encounter endless bugs. It really is remarkble — these guys are industry leaders but can't create some half decent software. So, once your business is too big, it's time to move on and use something more professional like ShipStation. ShipStation offers a clean, intuitive, and WORKING web interface.With that said, it's an OK company and the service they provide is definitely suitable for small (very small) business owners.

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