Employment Law Office of Frank Pray – Lawyer in El Macero, CA

Frank Pray has not idea what he is doing, especially when it comes to the law. He tried to file my case in the wrong county and court jurisdiction. It constantly got the facts of my case wrong even though I brought him all of the official documents, emails and text messages relating to my case. He will con you into giving him a big "retainer" by telling you what a great case you have and what a big settlement and/or judgment he will get for you and then do nothing for your case. He tried to let the time statutes run out so it will be too late for you file your case and cannot sue. He cares nothing about his clients and intends to rip you off from the start. Stay away from this so-called "law" office. He only rents a desk in a basement of another law firm with a fancy address. His lack action and behaviors gives all lawyers a bad reputation!!

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