Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Encinitas, CA

Stamps.comis an overall terrible service. I hope that people read this review before using this scandalous service.First off,Stamps.comis an incredible rip-off. Before you sign up, realize that you are paying REGULAR PRICES for stamps. There is no discount for anything and even if there is, it is very small. So yes, you are paying $15 per month for no reason PLUS the price of the stamp. You will likely not even use $15 worth of fuel going to the post office; and the leftover money that you don't use for fuel to go to the post office will compensate for the time (about 5 to 10 minutes) you took to go to there. Massive rip-off. $15 per month for printing paper at home.Also, they are not clear on how much you will be charged for their "services." Yes, if you look very closely it will say that they will charge you. However, it does not say anywhere on their homepage that they charge you monthly, and they will only tell you when you enter your credit card information.Finally, the unsubscribing process. Somehow, you can register online and they have a software that can send out emails automatically and has many other rather advanced features, but for some reason you absolutely cannot unsubscribe online. No sir. You have to call them between the hours of 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Now, lets think about this. First, why should we have to call you to unsubscribe? I have not heard of any online service that requires you to call to unsubscribe. Ifstamps.comhas a customer that is dissatisfied with their services, should the customer not be allowed to easily unsubscribe online rather than having to callstamps.comSecondly, the strategy is very obvious. "No we will not allow you to unsubscribe online, you have to call us so we can convince you by reducing the price you pay or sell you another one of our services." What an annoying strategy. Finally,Mr. Eric N., you respond to our comments trying to apologize or to defend your company. You have likely read many of our reviews. Have you not realized that almost every review says that your service is a rip-off and that the unsubscribing process is outrageous? Don't tell me to call customer support to unsubscribe. Rather, answer this question: how can you run an online service with advanced features, and somehow not allow us to unsubscribe online?

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