Ronzio & Associates – Lawyer in Englewood, CO

I agree with every bad comment posted prior to mine. Communication alone gives Ronzio & Associates 1 sad star. They DON'T return emails, they DON'T return phone calls, seems as though the ONLY way to get answers is to make an appointment which, when you live in Ventura County, isn't just down the street. As I'm writing this review, I'm sitting on hold with the office, the receptionist cut me off in the middle of what I was asking to put me on hold (for OVER 5 mins) and when she finally came back, she had assumed I wanted to talk to someone when really I just had a question I thought she could help me with.. turns out she is useless. EVERY question you have, including my simple one (can I come get a copy of my husband's 601 paperwork) has to be referred to the supervisor?! WTF I mean really? All I want is a copy of something that has already been submitted. I'm currently waiting for my husband's 601 to be approved and I couldn't have got this far without a lawyer, but I wish I would have chosen a different law firm altogether.. the reason I initially went with Ronzio & Associates was because a co-worker used to work for them. If I knew now how awful their communication skills were, I would have chose a different firm based on that alone. Do you know how frustrating it is to have a simply question NOT get answered. Don't be fooled, you do get a free consultation, which by the way, they schedule SEVERAL appointments for the same time. It seems as though once you sign the contract, they don't give a S**T about your case. My husband's interview was in the middle of October and it took until December to get his 601 submitted. A month and a half is A LOT of time when you know that once the 601 is accepted, it will only be 4-5 months until your spouse is home (if approved, of course). They also make you pay the remainer of your bill when your spouse's interview is scheduled, which is BULL because you no longer have leverage for them to get stuff done on your case. My advice, USE YOUR PAYMENTS AS LEVERAGE, it worked for my until until I paid the remainer (stupid move on my part). They have WAY to much on their plates, do yourself a favor and find another lawyer!!

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