TelePacific Communications – Lawyer in Fairfax, CA

I wish I could give zero stars.Terrible service for internet and email. Expensive and incompetent. We had service from ATG years ago and it was fine. Then Telepacific bought them and service went to hell. As soon as the contract ended, we switched to O1 Communication. They were fine, then Telepacific bought their small business accounts. Back to hell we went. Seems like they grow their business by buying other companies' accounts. Maybe that's because prospective customers read reviews.We have had repeated incidents where anything we send to any AOL address is rejected. Telepacific tells us the problem is cleared up, yet AOL still bounces all of our email. We have had instances where all incoming email is delayed 2, 3, 8, or even 10 hours. Their explanation is that their firewall gets backed up, and there is nothing to be done about it.Stay away from these people at all costs!Our current contract is up this summer, and we are going to write in our next one that it is voided if Telepacific acquires our account. I wish we'd done that the last time.

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