Saunders Law Group – Lawyer in Foothill Ranch, CA

My MIL and I called this place to help with a potential loan mod, and wow what a horrible experience. I have worked in the legal field for years, and the legal assistant we spoke to, sounded much like a used cars salesman rather than really listening to our situation. Not only that, we had already done majority of the work ourselves and none of that was ever acknowledged from this legal assistant who gave us robotic answers, sounded like he was almost reading a script. Also, he didn't even touch the subject about the new law that passed in January of 2013 that stipulates that a home can not be foreclosed on if a loan modification is in the works, so in essence we really didn't even need to retain counsel. I hope that this review doesn't get filtered because as you can see there are 14 other reviews on here that got filtered out and it looks like they have a 5 star rating which is not accurate.

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