Legal Service Center – Lawyer in Paris, France

Thieves!!! Stay far away from these shady people! They will talk the big talk and once they have your money they take their time with paper work and filings. I went into their office in March to file a motion to set aside. Mr (rude) Perry convinced me to start a lawsuit. That paper work was filed almost 4 months later after I had paid in full that day. Then I paid an additional amount to Amber (a "paralegal" who happens to be his daughter) for the motion and that was never filed. They literally kept my money and provided no service for that. Bad customer service, waste of money! Please Please Please avoid this business. Hire a reputable lawyer and paralegal that will get the job done. The whole lot of them are rude and unprofessional. Perry talks down to people and that's not right. I have no idea how this place is still in business. If you want to be belittled and taken for your hard earned money then hire them but if you value your time and money stay away!!! Filing a complaint with the BBB. Will also seek legal ramifications. Filing a complaint with the state bar of CA against Perry and will see what options are available as far as getting my money back for services I paid for not rendered!! Thieves!! done.

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