Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI

An awful service. They scammed me into signing up for a free scale and some mailing credit… I know, it's my fault for assuming they're a reputable company. I never used their service. Not one time. They billed me repeatedly for the "Privilege" to use their service. Made it very to sign up, but very difficult to cancel the service, requiring almost half an hour on hold (only available during their business hours). Finally I was able to cancel the service after accuring a debt of $118 on top of the $90 I'd paid them for monthly service before I cancelled that credit card. So all in all, I just$214.15 richer with nothing to show for it besides a "free" scale that they wont take back for any credit towards my bill. Classic scam. PLEASE AVOID, for the sake of reputable companies everywhere. Give your money to businesses who deserve it.

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