Tepper Law Firm – Lawyer in Grass Valley, CA

I agree 100% with the review from 2011 by J.S.Based on my experience with Nick Tepper, I strongly suspect that all the positive reviews since then were written by Nick's friends or staff members. I simply can't fathom how he could behave one way with us and so entirely different with other clients.My partner and I hired him to resolve a dispute with our landlord. Nick missed every single self-imposed deadline and never once acknowledged the missed deadline, apologized, or contacted us to set a new deadline and adjust our expectations. And when we *finally got a hold of him* (it was often difficult!) and expressed frustration over the lack of communication and the missed deadline, he had the gall to act as if we were being unreasonable and pushy.It never felt like he was fighting for us. In fact, it often seemed as if he hadn't thought about our case for weeks and was missing key opportunities to get it resolved in our favor.It took him weeks to draft the initial demand letter we sent to the landlord (and timing was of the essence), and I had to spend A LOT of time reviewing it and providing him with edits, as it was full of unprofessional language and complete inaccuracies regarding our case.We believe that working with Nick resulted in a less favorable outcome than we would have gotten if we'd worked with someone else, and it most definitely resulted in tons of stress and anguish for us. Do yourself a favor and keep looking. Nick is not the guy.

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