The Ticket Clinic – Lawyer in Henderson, NV

Just got the letter today and my turn on red-light camera ticket got dismissed!!!Got cited on March 2012 for making a left turn on red with camera catching me and subsequent citation in the mail. Called The Ticket Clinic and paid $199. Attorney goes to court for me on the trial date. Case extends to March 2013 and attorney goes to court. Again, the case extends a second time to April and attorney goes to court. Each time I received updates via mail on the extensions and court date. Finally, on May 2013 more than a year after the violation my case was dismissed! The only fee out of pocket was the $199, which is definitely worth it.All the work, the stress, hassle is taken care of by this company. I will definitely go to them again because of this positive experience. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to avoid points on their DMV record.

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