Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Munster, IN

If I could give this service 0 stars I would. This company is totally shady. I signed up forStamps.coma year ago to use a scale that my boss gave me. I had NO idea that they would charge me 15.99 a month just for signing up. It didn't say anywhere that I would be charged monthly for a service I used ONCE. I got no emails from them auto confirming a monthly charge, and I just now saw the charge on my bank statements. This company is bullshit. Im a broke college student and they took about $200 from my bank amount in the last year and refuse to refund me any of it. When I called to cancel, they repeatedly tried to sell me other things until I finally put my foot down and made them cancel. They refunded me half of one month so I got a nice $8 back after almost $200. Thats total bullshit. Don't sign up for this website, its a total trick and their customer service is terrible!!!

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