Gregory G Petersen – Lawyer in La Mesa, CA

I am former law enforcement with an extensive background in the State, Local and Federal levels and had to use the services of this "attorney" cause the POA/PORAC was too slow.I sued the City Of San Diego for violating City charter regulations and undue harassment and special discrimination and WON my case, but Gregory G. Petersen FAILED to submit proper paperwork to the Superior Court Judge with special damages, back pay and attorney's fees within 30 days even after I called his office to remind them several times.I ended up firing Petersen and doing an out of court settlement.I filed a complaint with the California State Bar which is a waste of time.Petersen was "Negligent" in his duties as an attorney and betrayed a Trust and Client confidentiality. Petersen also represented other SDPD officers (LECLU) which most ALL were terminated in an unrelated "blue flu" pay dispute.My "sources" tell me Petersen "traded" my case to get a favorable response for some other Police Officers at that time.The State Bar ruled against me and Petersen was Paid for NOT doing his job !I have never seen the likes of this nasty person in my whole life and am aware of others who have also been similarly treated.I am surprised Petersen still has his Bar License??To be fair, there are some "Child Molesters" who are still practicing attorneys in this State.Maybe the State Bar needs to reconsider???Never hire this attorney, or you will be victimized…..

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