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Joke of a service. I used it for shipping packages sold through Amazon and eBay, hoping to take advantage of's alleged discounts plus a free postage offer. Problems with this:a) eBay and Amazon offer the exact same discounts. Amazon charges a small surcharge ($0.07 for media or first class, a bit more for Priority). eBay does not. I'd have to ship about 200 packages through Amazon every month for their surcharges to add up to's $16/month fee.b) The free postage offer is a lie. I used the WTF offer code for "$50 of free postage," but what they don't tell you is that you don't get that postage during the free trial. You receive it in $10 increments over the course of 5 months, starting with the first billed month. And it comes in the form of a voucher that you have to manually redeem. Ridiculous. It's not free postage; it's a temporarily discounted service. But even at $6/month, this service isn't worth using.b) purchasing through eBay and Amazon is faster and infinitely easier. You can do it in your browser with most of the important info prefilled, rather than manually entering all the shipping info into a slow, clunky, confusing piece of external software that looks like it hasn't been updated since 1995. Amazon and eBay also let you compare UPS and FedEx rates. Not, you can't pay to ship an individual package. You have to buy general-use postage in increments of $10, and then have the shipping costs for each package deducted from your postage balance. When it gets too low, you have to refill that balance. It's an insane system, the only purpose of which is to keep you usingStamps.combecause you don't want to waste that few bucks of balance you always have left over.d) The customer service is horrible. When I emailed them about a login problem, they took 2 days to respond and then gave a canned response that didn't answer my question at all. Because of this delay, they charged the recurring $16/month fee — I'd been trying to login to cancel my account and was unable to do so in time. Even after logging in, I couldn't cancel my account, because they force you to call during business hours to do that. Be prepared to wait on hold for quite some time, and to argue with a pushy salesperson (sorry, customer service rep) trying to convince you not to cancel. Even though the monthly charge was still in a pending state, they refused to cancel it or refund it. I'll be disputing with Visa.

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