Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Littleton, CO

there should be a "no star" option and anyone who gave them more than one star either works for this pathetic company or is a family/friend a the frauds running this company!! until last month when i received a charge to my credit card for over $100, i have never heard of this company. so, natually i called them to ask what this charge was all about. apparently, i was signed up two years ago and i've been receiving monthly charges over the past two years. the monthly fee is $15.95 and i charge a lot of stuff on my credit card monthly so i tend to look over the smaller charges.stamps.cominformed me that they have collected over $350 from me over the past two years but there has been zero activity and nothing every purchased. they told me all they could do was cancel the account and i needed to talk to my bank about the rest. i then filed a claim with my wells fargo visa through their fraud department but it was denied because it shows consistent charges. i cannot believe this garbage is legal. i have never heard of this company and never signed up but i am responsible because i never noticed the $15.95 monthly charges until now. do a simple search forstamps.comfraud and hundreds if not thousands of complaints come up. shame on the owners behind the scenes on this. as if i don't have anything better to do with my precious life than fight these scam artists. your time will come jeff green, jim mcdermott and all you other dishonest people. i hope you sleep well knowing this

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