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The experience I went through was traumatic enough, but all he did was literally add insult to injury. I can not recommend his services to any veteran. Its unbelievable how his attitude became almost child like.Initially, he came across as knowledgeable and said he's done hundreds of malpractice claims. But, he didn't even proof read the documents he prepared for me. When I told him to please correct the countless mistakes, like spelling my name wrong, having critical dates wrong by an entire year, and all the spelling/grammatical errors. He responded in an email, I quote "UGH" "I'm not a secretary". I respectfully asked him to behave professionally and reminded him that I am paying him to provide me a service. He then further went on to insist that I set our "relationship" back a step by sending him corrected documents and asked for them to be fixed (as ridiculous as this sounds, I am not making this up).I was respectful and courtesy throughout the process. He deliberately acted unprofessional when he was clearly wrong. He claimed "he didn't have his glasses on" when he proof-read the papers and that's why the document contained so many errors. Yet, he had asked me to sign it, several times over several days.Then, after he corrected some of the mistakes, resent, and asked me to sign. I circled all the additional mistakes and sent it back to him. He then said his legal assistant was on vacation and that's why it was not his fault.My question to him was, "Then why am I being sent unfinished documents to sign and submit to the government?" He went on to remind me that he will apply liens against my case, if I don't like his work and wanted to find another lawyer. I don't claim to be any kind of writing expert, but even I found mistakes that were just blatantly wrong and could potentially ruin my case. I believe he quickly skimmed over my medical records and didn't bother to read the documents he prepared.After I questioned his actions and asked if he even had my best interest in mind. He ultimately rescinded his representation and claimed his firm can't provide the attention I am looking for. This is because I refused to sign documents that didn't even have my name or the defendant's name spelled correctly, it still had incorrect dates, spelling and grammatical errors. It was nothing but a rushed, sub-par job and he realized that. I reminded him that I expect no liens against my case and he responded "Your expectations are of no concern to me." and told me to "Move on."Despite whatever his response is, I was very respectful and understanding. All I asked for was to have the documents reflect accurate dates and free of errors. My requests were not unreasonable. What was unreasonable was the way he behaved, the way he treated his client, and the product he gave me.The bottom line is if he didn't have his glasses or his legal assistant was on vacation, he should of waited to submit the work to me. Not pressure me over and over to sign it, then go bi-polar when I told him it was unacceptable.Google "Greg Priamos and Doug Smith" and read the articles written about him. That will help put his blatantly unprofessional behavior into perspective. I ignored these warnings and now I regret not heeding them.

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