Stephen L. Burns – Lawyer in Millbrae, CA

This law office deserves NEGATIVE stars but unfortunately that isn't an option here. I signed up with them approximately last June or July for a loan modification. It's been about 8 to 9 months and there's been ZERO progress. The ONLY time anyone from the law office called me since we first signed up with them was when they wanted payment for services. After we paid them $3500, we NEVER heard from them again.I even stopped by randomly to speak with someone but a young receptionist (dressed very casually) was the only one there answering about a million phone calls. She told me there wasn't a single attorney in the office that I could speak with. People kept coming and going from the back while they kept me waiting for about 30 minutes. They finally sent out some flamboyant, talkative nobody who apologized and told me they were still "looking for my file". I told them that was impossible b/c they didn't even have a file on us yet. How could they?.. they never bothered to collect any information from us beyond our $3500.Now I'm out $3500 and back to square 1, needing a loan mod. I hope everyone involved with this law office's karma catches up to them real fast and they get struck by lightning or hit by a bus.. whatever hurts more.

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