Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI

I truly feel thatStamps.comis designed to best fit the needs of small businesses or people who do a lot of mailing. If you're an individual who doesn't mail much a month, then this service probably isn't for you.I work in a small law firm andStamps.comfits our mailing needs perfectly. We are able to print out postage on envelopes as well as on individual stamps. My only real gripe (which is hardly one at all) is that you do have to pay for the physical stamps (not just the postage) and mailing labels separately if you want to mail larger items. Also, depending on your printer, you may not be able to print out postage on envelopes with plastic windows because it will only melt the plastic.Breaking down what you pay for:$15.99 per month for the actual servicePostage, but this cost differs on your needsIf you don't have envelopes to print on, you will need to buy stamp sheets and paper, which have different costs, again, depending on your needs.Considering that we were paying $100+ for Pitney Bowes' postage service, I am very satisfied with the cost as well as how minimalistic this package is. You do get a free month trial, plus $$$ in postage and free stamps to start out.The interface itself is very easy to use, and very self explanatory, but they do provide online video directions. The customer service via the telephone was also extremely helpful with questions we had about the services they offer.If you're a small business with a medium to high level of mailings in a given month, this is definitely the service for you.

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