Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Knob Noster, MO

I would give a negative rating if possible….Informational materials are not shipped timely, so, the trial period is over before you have an opportunity to see how everything works. When you call customer service they blow you off with some lame promise like "you will be receiving it any day"until you threaten to cancel and then they offer you a free month that is not really free because the trial period has already expired and you are into the first months subscription and they are giving you the NEXT month free but you are not aware of this until you get the bill.I ended up with nothing except a huge headache and a lighter pocketbook.Even if this service works for some people they DO NOT deserve to stay in business using such unethical practices. Use a service that respects you and does not use trickery to steal from as many as possible.

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