Martinian & Associates – Lawyer in Modesto, CA

It pains me to leave this negative review because my friend recommended me to his law office and I have regretted it ever since! Basically, my boyfriend and I got into a hit and run accident last year on my birthday. 2 days later, the guy turned himself in. My car was totaled. My bf had a concussion and we both had some neck pain. Martinian and Law sent us to a great chiropractor. And we felt brand new after our therapy. And that's when the problems started. Alyssa was the paralegal who handled our case, BARELY. She would neverrrrr answer our phone calls, she neverrr answered our emails. It was the worst "customer service" I have ever dealt with. We told her, if there's nothing new in the case that's fine, just keep us updated. She told us she was waiting for the chiropractor's office to send over the final paper work. So I called the chiros office and they said they had sent it weeks ago!!! Alyssa was soooooo unorganized. And if we called the direct line of their office and asked anyone else for help they would say "sorry only Alyssa can handle your case, I'll transfer you." What's the point of transferring if she doesn't answer our calls or voicemails??? Getting a hold of anyone in their office is like pulling teeth and I wouldn't recommend them to even my worst enemy. Sorry if you guys get upset when you read this but it's 100% the truth.

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