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Even though I ended up losing my home to foreclosure due to the economical recession last year, RELC did help along the way. Initially, I dealt with Hector & then Tala. RELC sent the wrong check to my home near the end of my case, in which I deposited it into my account immediately to fund my move, but then suffered a return check fee of $25, because they meant to send another check instead. Now I'm not sure how this mishap occured, but it was NEVER corrected properly & should not be my problem. Eventually, RELC sent the correct check, but never remedied the $25 return check fee situation. I even emailed proof of the fee from my bank statement, but apparently, that was not good enough for a refund. How can this be when RELC keeps asking me for good feedback & then when it's given, do absolutely nothing to resolve the situation? I hate to put RELC on blast, but my case closed over a year ago & nothing has been done to date. Please resolve ASAP! Then I'll gladly update this review. Until then, 1 star for RELC for ending my case on bad terms. Thank you.UPDATE:RELC called & emailed me several times to update my Yelp review recently after I received the $25 check, even though I asked via email & voicemail approximately 25 times for the return check fee for over a year. As soon as I posted my complaint here on Yelp, I received help, not to appease me but just to improve their Yelp rating LOL I was asked by 4 different people (my lawyer, my case manager, the HR manager & a partner) via email & voicemail to update my review accordingly. My update is as follows:*1 STAR*Your remedy was not sincere & 365 days LATE, esp since I almost felt harassed after receiving the check. It was merely done in hopes that I would change my RELC Yelp rating. Thanks 4 making a horrible situation even worse, like losing my home wasn't enough. I know it is only $25, but it is the point that RELC did NOTHING until I sent you a Yelp rating. Either way, hats off to Yelp 8) for forcing companies to do their jobs. Have some integrity please, RELC!!!

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