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I received a follow up call for more details about my case. I was interrupted while answering the callers question. I was then placed on hold, then told that this attorney is too busy for a case like mine. I told the caller that I realized that as soon as she interrupted me and thank you for not wasting any more of my time. She was very condescending and told me that she was glad I noticed it. Caller ID said from Beverly Hills, the movie "Clueless" could have a sequel based on this caller, with her shallow and superior attitude she is a dead ringer for the main character.Dr. Bruce Fagel, maybe you should suggest to your staff that they handle their calls with compassion. The families that are reaching out to you are doing so in a time of need and after they have been through a traumatic experience. This is not the time to belittle anyone. Having a little compassion and kindness can help to avoid negative YELP reviews.

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