The Ticket Clinic – Lawyer in Palm Desert, CA

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE if you actually expect to be helped with your traffic ticket. I hired this service May of 2012, They finally told me about a court date in October. They never contacted or notified me of the outcome. Then I got a call January 2013 that they did not succeed in getting the ticket dismissed, and that I did have the option of taking the traffic school, but that they were no longer sure that was an option because I was supposed to have payed the fine and registered by November 2012. I called multiple times and emailed them trying to speak to someone in there office to guide me on what to do next about the case and what to do to actually take the case and avoid having my car insurance increase. And ya… NO help. Could have done the same thing by myself and without being delinquent and not spending on $400 for NO service.

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