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Mr Black, I have no interest in comminicating with your law firm. I have no doubt your operatational processes were followed completely in my case. The delay in working on my case, the change of your view that I as a pedestrian was at complete fault for the drunk driver colision that almost killed me. Your firm failed to focus on witness testimony that the driver drank 8 beers in the hour prior to his decision to drive drunk across town, chose to speed and without slowing, plow me down at 40mph based on sober witness testimony in the police report. Them to learn that your firm lost all pictures your photographer took of me to document my injuries was utterly disturbing to me. Had we gone to jury trial your firms negligence in this regard alone could have jeopardized my potential monetary compensation, but certainly not your fee at risk at any time. Your firm demonstrated your core values are your interest first and fuck everyone else at your discretion. Keep your pathetic lying ass comments to yourself. Fuck off.

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