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Why do we have to give one star? Why can't there be a minus star system?I went online. My mom died unexpectedly. In two weeks, she went from working to… gone. Five days before she died she got a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis-even though she had visited her doctor religiously. I tell this "story" via Dr Bruce Fagel website. I get a call today. Someone named Mary. She doesn't appear to have any background of what i have already recounted on website. I tell her again. And it takes a lot to say that to a stranger. It is still this raw thing… What does Mary do? She says, "Oh! Your mom is already dead?" I am taken aback. I say, "ummm… Yes?" And she stumbles over her words and says something to the effect of that they can't help me. I can't quote her. She pretty much hung up on me. I have never been treated like that. Who hires people like Mary?

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