Joseph Young Attorney At Law – Lawyer in Placentia, CA

Did I get taken for $3500 too? Yes indeed. Horrible Law Firm! I liked my attorney though. She was great but it took three crappy ones to get to her. He stole my money, lied to me completely. He should be in jail. Supposedly he is in the hospital and had to close his practice. I think it too is a scam and an excuse. If you are in the same boat make sure to file a complaint with the state bar. They can at times get your retainer back if it is still in the trust account…I am told he ran with the trust account money too. I used Handel on the Law too. They are responding to complaints as is Clear Channel. I trusted them to refer me to a great attorney. That certainly did not happen. I think Handel needs to refund my money since it is his site.

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