David H Heisler – Lawyer in Pleasant Hill, CA

Hiring David H. Heisler is one off the worst mistakes I've made in my life. The man will say and promise you anything so that you keep paying. Then look at you directly and blatantly lie he did not. He was not only late to every court appearance but when he finally showed up he was clueless. Then without telling me before hand, I found out that Mr. Heisler is hard of hearing. Which means you cannot even speak to him in court without either yelling at him or letting everyone know what your saying or asking. He is not engaged other than what you tell him and is more into socializing with other attorneys and/or his acquaintances while at court on "Your" time. He is an actor before he is an attorney…It shows. He puts on a great show when you are paying. But don't expect much in court if anything at all. Choose another attorney if you want to actually win your case and save your money. Be aware he has a temper and keeps it well hidden. I witnessed a glimpse of this outburst when he took a tantrum while I was in his office. It was directed at one of his employees and not me. But…not good to see or hear. I had to share this so that you don't go through the same thing I did.Save your money and time…go elsewhere!

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