Parker Stanbury LLP – Lawyer in Pleasanton, CA

OMG are u serious? Are they really qualified Lawyers? I just got off the phone with one and it was my first time I had to use them. The guy that I got was like a JOKE, not professional or taking in what I had to say seriously. We'll see the outcome, but I couldn't believe how the conversation went…I had to ask him if he was seriously legit, and what profession he really was to make sure I wasn't talking to some receptionist or fake person. I've never experienced a phone call like that ever!!! I guess that's why our PPL monthly payments are really cheap…It goes with the saying you do get what you pay for! Oh n what kill'd me was towards the end he mentioned, " Oh and if you need to lower your interest rates on your credit cards we can help u with that," I told him well I have everything under control, thanks! Sounded like a past Loan Offcer..Like totally offerred me service that I wasn't looking for!

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