Prep Xpress Inc – Lawyer in Quartz Hill, CA

After reading all the negative reviews on Yelp. I still against my better judgement decided to give these people a shot. After all. In all honestly. These people could've been upset they didn't get the outcome they desired which caused them to have a negative experience.I initially contacted this company for an appearance attorney for a case. I called. Left a message. After a couple hours I decided to call again. I got through to someone. Whom was so friendly. (I'll give them that) Anyways, I explained what I needed. They instructed me to send over my paperwork, pay & id be immediately sent a receipt. Also, the following Monday id be given a consultation by phone to discuss the expectations of the case. Cool deal. I did everything they asked.Friday night. Did not receive a receipt.Monday, called towards the evening because I had not received a receipt nor, a phone call back as promised with the attorney who'd be representing us.Tuesday. I sent an email regarding all of this. No response by noon. I called and called and called. Oh and by the way, apparently they have different offices. Based on "call volume" get routed to different places. Whatever. Tuesday I had left messages with people I finally got a hold of. Was promised call backs, I even left more messages and got more voicemail boxes. Bad business & bad customer service.Tuesday evening. Now I'm irritated. I emailed in the morning asking them to please at least confirm they've received my sensitive information. I didn't even care about the receipt or even keeping them in representing us anymore. I waited till about my lunch break. No response. I called a few more times. Ohhhh how they're phones just ring and ring and ring. And no one wants to talk to you. They just transfer you to voicemail. So forget them. I called my credit card company chase (AMAZING BY THE WAY) & told them what happened and disputed the 500$ charge. They took care of it.Wednesday. Oh I called a couple more times. And how they don't answer the phone. I got through to someone. Who said they were calling me because they hadn't gotten my paperwork. Nice, you're calling me the day before my services were supposed to happen to tell me my paper work wasn't received. Nice customer service.Around the time of my lunch today(still Wednesday). I get a call from a gentleman. Telling me that a phone conversation of mine sparked his interest. And he wanted to resolve any of my concerns. I let him know the entire store and that I've already put in a dispute with my credit card company and I will no longer need their services. He sounded a little defensive. Like why didn't I just call for a refund. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH! Seriously? If someone would call me back. Gladly. I couldn't risk losing $500.Anyways, he apologized. I asked him if he could at least check to see again if my paper work was received. He said he would defiantly check and call me back in NO MORE than 5 minutes.Does anyone think he called me back?HAHAHHAHAHAHAH

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