Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

WARNING: STEER CLEAR -STAMPS.COMIS A SCAM.Stamps.comexecs are either not reading all these reviews or couldn't give a hoot that the general consensus is that their service is purely a scam. I personally believe it's the latter. The fine print, that most including me miss, when signing up tells you that there is a $15.99 per month charge not for any product or credit toward product purchases but for AIR. If they were on the up and up, this disclosure would be very conspicuous and maybe even in a pop-up agreement that one must agree to before completing the sign up. I can only conclude thatStamps.comrelies on the fact that most people miss the disclosure, as it is hidden off to the side of the webpage where no one is focusing when signing up. That way they can just keep all the suckers' money, like they did with me when they flatly refused to refund the $15.99 charge on my card that caught me by surprise. They did, however, keep me on the phone for five minutes doing everything they can to keep me from cancelling. Not that I think I'd pay anything for AIR, but I found it awfully interesting that there's a much less expensive monthly plan that they offer when you call to cancel. Yet, that lower-priced plan isn't offered on their site when you sign up. Fact is, no particular plan is offered or disclosed during sign up. Oh, wait a minute, if they gave us plan options during sign-up we'd all catch on that there's a bogus monthly charge. That concept would fly in the face of their preferred method of conducting business – keep us in the dark about the bogus monthly fee.

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