Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Redmond, WA

This place is a disgusting scam.You'll see in their other replies here that they say they send a welcome email detailing the fees – this is a LIE. I have every email they've sent and not one of them mentions a fee.Here's how they work:They advertise what is essentially stamps at cost that you can order online. You sign up, provide your information, and then essentially find out that you can't actually order stamps without a giant service fee, so you go on your merry way.What happens next? They start charging you $14.99/month when you never even used their service once.Basically they trick you into signing up with false advertising and then when you decide not to use their services it is too late, they already have your credit card info.Oh, you want to cancel? Call and talk to their crappy reps, no way to do it online.SCAM. Stay away.

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