Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Redwood City, CA

Talk about a ripoff!They automatically enroll you into a Pro-Plan without any warning. They mention that there is a monthly fee in the ToS, but they never disclose the actual amount. Next thing you know, BAM! There is a $15.99 charge on your CC. There are no emails, or notices of any kind to let you know that you are being charged that amount.Best of all, when you try to cancel, they try to waive a month of fees. Don't want that, they have a free account they can put you in. Want to cancel? Well, they'll try anything to keep you as a customer.Interestingly enough, when you cancel your account they are able to email you an invoice! Couldn't they have done this in the first place when they started bleeding your pockets?Better stand in line at your local USPS office than deal with this bait and switch!

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