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PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU CALL. Over a year later and still trying to resolve the mess he made.I will do my best to condense this story for you.I hired this man to handle a DUI for my girlfriend. We had one clear objective and I had stated that it was non negotiable. Once the plea bargain hit the table he jumped on it and told us it fit the build of what we were looking for, so she took the plea. 6 months later we learned that this was not the case.He had stated if she simply waited out the suspension/breathalyzer time that she would not be required to have one installed and so that's what she did, because this was the one thing that could cripple her career. So she waited 5 months with no license to find out he had mislead us. So after spending another 2 months just trying to get him on the phone and to find a resolve, he says to put the car in my business's name so she can get a restricted license and that will run out the clock on the in car breathalyzer. Again not the case and after speaking to the mandatory actions department and 2 other lawyers I now realize this man took my money. I now have to purchase a second car just to park it and put said device in it to get her license back. Biggest waste of money ever and he's a bold face liar. Nothing this man told us was accurate it was almost as if he doesn't understand how DUI's work, which believe me I know how crazy that sounds but take my word for it go some where else.

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