Stamps.Com – Lawyer in Sachse, TX

Stamps.comis a terrible company and I will never recommend it to anyone. I'll be sure to tell everyone how this company tries to scam people and will not work with you to resolve the issues you have. Considering how many bad reviews I read about this issue occurring, you would think they would try to do something to solve it such as send out emails stating the trial is over or at least warnings that you will be charged but they don't. They respond to everyone with the same thing basically claiming their innocence because they send a welcome email saying that this is a 4 week trial. When you email them to tell them that you've been charged even though you never used the service or didn't know that you were signed for a subscription, that is when they will send you a whole paragraph explaining their monthly service fee so thanks for telling me after I've already been charged. I recently emailed asking for a refund and they said they couldn't not because I've been using the service but because I left my account open but what company charges people for just leaving an account open. Obviously they put the blame on every consumer with this problem but when an issue is occurring multiple times, I think it's the company's fault especially since they don't do anything to at least try to prevent it from happening to other consumers. Scamming people must be a very good business tactic in making money for this company so I see why they don't do anything about it. So if I were you reading this, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT do anything to associate yourself

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