Bruce Richland – Lawyer in San Fernando, CA

Having a loved one or yourself getting arrested can be a stressful and trying time in one's life. Along with getting booked, your mailbox will be bombarded with solicitations from attorneys wanting your business. CHOOSE WISELY. Especially if you have something/someone to lose.Just remember that lawyers are a dime-a-dozen and many are simply good salespeople with law degrees. And many will get results, but fail in other realms of the transaction between yourself and the attorney. And unfortunately, this one is of that variety.DO YOUR RESEARCH. Go on Yelp. Don't be me.FACTS:PROS:-He was nice in our initial consultation-He got my case dismissed (but that result could've been had with almost any lawyer, according to a lawyer friend that I had spoke with AFTER)-He agreed to take me on as a client on a payment plan-He did give me a payment break after 1 or 2 long emails I had sent him expressing my frustration with his accounting (or lack of) and when I had revealed that I was now aware that he had overcharged me in comparison to many of his equal counterpartsCONS:-Seemed annoyed that I had called him 2-3 days after my case was in court ( he said that he had told me to call after 12:30pm THAT DAY, but I don't recall so we agreed to disagree)-His office is pretty dodgy-He sent me invoices that had incorrect balance owing 3 times (2 via mail, 1 via email)-He didn't even apologize. Chalked it up to clerical error, and that "he was concerned more with the results" than bedside manner-When I came in to submit my final payment, he handed me the most ghetto dollar store receipt as "Proof of Payment". When I asked if I could have something more official looking, he actually suggested that I could have something drawn up and that he would sign it. So I have to hire another lawyer to deal with this one? REALLY?I get needing a lawyer that gets results. But he couldn't even acknowledge HIS MISTAKE? I understand that his profession may e difficult, but he needs a lesson in how to handle apologies with sincerity and grace. And now I know that there are lawyers that exist that can both get the job done AND not act above their client.I am one of the coolest people out there – I worked customer service for years. And this guy had me fuming once I walked out of the door for good. His demeanor was snarky and absurd, yet I still found it in my heart to actually wish him a good week.But I gotta love Yelp for allowing me to express my experience with this business. And do I have. By stating both the PROS and the CONS. My review is both factual and accurate.

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