Irvine DUI Lawyer Chris Koch – Lawyer in San Ysidro, CA

I would give this guy 0 stars if I could. He charges you a flat fee for the DVM hearing and the plea deal. Once he got my final payment, he never returned calls or even reviewed my case. The first time we showed up to my hearing, it was obvious that was the first time he ever looked at my paperwork and my case. He told me I was better off filing a motion to throw out the case, but he never filed the motion. Three months later he still had not filed the motion, and I kept showing up to court like an idiot. I finally got tired of his crap and hired another attorney one week before my court date. The new attorney I hired was able to get charges dropped to a lesser charge and all IN ONE WEEK. Chris couldn't get that done in 8 months. Trust me, don't waste your money! He's a thief.

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