Andrew P Altholz – Lawyer in Santa Barbara, CA

Please do yourself a favor and save your time and money to invest them with someone who would take the time to make you feel like an important client and work for your best interest, because Andrew will accomplish none of those things.As a client I only met with his assistant and he never took the time to meet me or talk to me directly on the phone. It would take me days, sometimes weeks to get a call back from the office. I even had to drive to the office in order to get in contact to get status updates on my case. When I finally had the "pleasure" to meet him on the day of my court date, I was more organized and prepared then he was. I tried to address how upset I was since there was a lack of communication from his end, and he dismissed my frustration and didn't even apologize!!My doctors were even shocked on the lack of correspondence from his end when they requested information from him.If you decide to go with the services he provides, be prepared to waste lots of energy and time to MAYBE accomplish something at the end.

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