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CALL YOUR BANK IF YOU WANT YOUR MONEY BACK!!!Here is my story:I ordered a free kit We chose paypal at least and have no idea those clown started to charge me $15.99 every month for the past few months. When I finally noticed those nonsense charge, I tried to call the number they left in the description of my bank balance. Of course the number they left is not real! Then I searchedstamps.comcustomer services number and no one answered in half hour!I called my bank immediately and talked to a customer services. The bank customer services connected tostamps.comcustomer services in THREE SECONDS! The whole conversation withstamps.comcustomer service was how I misunderstood their policy and it was all my fault. It was three party phone call. So I told my bank that I never agreed to do any business withstamps.comand I never received any of their information or receipt about this nonsense $15.99 monthly fee.Then the funny thing happened!Stamps.comcustomer services said they actually sent the $15.99 monthly plan to my email and they sent the copy to my email "again" in just 1 second. I sign up onstamps.comon Apr 26 and I still have their welcome email in my mail box the same date. But according to their so called "copy", that copied email was SENT on Apr 25! I DID NOT EVEN SIGNED UP ONSTAMPS.COMON APR25!!! The rest part was just endless argue withstamps.comand the bank customer services made a nice decision.Stamps.comagreed to refund the last month charge and my bank offered the rest of the money as credit.My advice is:1. STAY AWAY FROMSTAMPS.COM2. IF UNFORTUNATELY YOU ARE ALREADY CHARGED MONTHLY, CALL YOUR BANK AND MAKE A FRAUD CLAIM.I AM PRETTY SURE WITH ALL OUR EFFORTS,STAMPS.COMWILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS VERY SOON!

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