Immigration Law Authority – Lawyer in Sparks, NV

Ok, where to start….First off, this company lacks professionalism. Also, it is against the law to give legal advice if you are not an attorney. Everyone in the satellite offices including Kenji Delgado are NOT attorney's nor are they qualified individuals to give legal advice to the public. DO NOT take their word. There were numerous inconsistencies with my husbands case and not until I hired a real PROFESSIONAL attorney did I realize that Immigration Law Authority was in business for the mere fact of collecting money from the public. Honest attorneys will give you HONEST advice and if you do not have a case, they will not even consider starting a case with you. However, Immigration Law Authority lies and tells you what you want to hear. There were many inconsistencies with those who answered my call every time I called and not once did I speak with their so called attorney about my case. Not to mention, I discovered that the attorney signing their immigration cases is a bankruptcy attorney, not immigration. Why would you trust someone who practices bankruptcy law with your immigration case? There is no correlation between the two. Please please please, do not hire these individuals. They lack professionalism, they lie to the public, and they lack the expertise to practice immigration law.

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