Law Offices Of George Shalhoub – Lawyer in Stevenson Ranch, CA

(Just want to say I have never left a review this livid and upset before)But this so called "ATTORNEY" will take your money and will not hold up his end of the deal…BE WARE!!! Big time scammers!!! He has absolutely no idea what his doing or does he know anything about the law!!! George shaloub and his whole staff are full of S***!!! The stupid staff doesn't even know what time the lazy fake attorney shows up at the office, if they even show up!! They have us going in circles just to get ahold of them!! GEORGE SHALOUB is a liar and plays all his faces very well which explains why his still in business!! He takes advantage of people and could care less how your case ends up!! He will promise you one thing and after you pay him he will NOT go through with the process properly he will half a** everything! And if you call his office to ask what's going on with your case they will tell you "his not here but he will be here in an hour," we call back again "oh his on lunch", call back again "oh he won't be in for another couple hours"….are you serious?!?!? And if your lucky enough to get ahold of this looser he tells you he will call you back (which he never does) if he does he then insults you and hangs up because he can't answer any questions or explain why your case is in the situation that it is! This man needs to loose his license asap!!!!

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